Getting ready for a wealth future

Allows users to participate in courses to improve their knowledge of the Crypto market. With these courses, the user's path to becoming an Expert will become easier.
  • General knowledge of Crypto and Blockchain
  • Knowledge of Metaverse, DeFi, GameFi, Web3, SocialFi,…
  • Smart investment strategies
  • Understanding technical analysis methods
  • Knowledge of security in the Blockchain world
  • How to research and evaluate the quality of a project
  • …

Who do you learn from at BitCityZ Academy?

Courses in BitCityZ Academy will be taught by leading experts in the field of Crypto and Blockchain from famous universities such as FPT, University of Technology, National University... and industry KOLs with real experience in the market for many years.

What's special at BitCityZ Academy?

  • All courses are technologicalized to follow the Metaverse trend
  • Courses are taught by experts certified by BitCityZ
  • Users can earn BCTY tokens after completing the final exam.
  • Users who have taken the course can participate in huge monthly contests and receive rewards in the form of BCTY tokens or NFT items.