Users can participate in IDO & IGO of high-quality project along with staking, farming & airdrop,...
Here, we will incubate as well as become a stable launchpad for crypto potential projects. In addition, this place can support those projects to develop confidently in the early stages.
BitcityZ Launchpad is a completely new feature integrated into the BitCityZ social network. This is a platform to help start-up projects on blockchain call for investment capital and reach users faster in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

How can BitcityZ Launchpad support projects?

With our solution, in addition to investing and raising capital, project owners and users can also communicate with each other through the BitCityZ social network.
On the project side, we help to incubate strong teams with great ideas and secured project builders by:
  • Supporting fundraising project through IDO and IGO
  • Bringing them closer to the public and Blockchain technology lovers with Airdrop programs, advertising right in the BitCityZ ecosystem.
  • Helping users to understand the project much clearer and get their contribution with genuine interactions through the Read-To-Earn function.
  • Accelerating the process of raising and exchanging capital faster and easier.
  • Advising and suggesting to improve projects more compatible with market needs.

How can BitCityZ Launchpad support projects?

On the user side, BitCityZ Launchpad is a free, secure, transparent bridge for users to connect with proven potential projects that can bring superior profits.
  • Building a community for open project evaluation
  • Allowing users to capture more accurate and reliable information about projects in just one app.
  • Making users the startup incubator's first explorers

How can users join BitCityZ Launchpad?

To join our BitCityZ Launchpad, users need to prepare a non-custodial crypto wallet (e.g: Metamask, SFP, Coin 98, TWT ...) to connect with the project that launched on our platform.
To be able to participate in the IEO/IDO/IFO stage at BitCityZ Launchpad and own tokens at its best price, users need to hold the required amount of BCTZ with the committed time to have the best spot depending on each level.

What BitCityZ Launchpad means for the Blockchain ecosystem?

When there are so many Blockchain projects during this period - a technology trend that attracts a lot of attention from the large and small investors community around the world, BitCityZ Launchpad is a bright spot to change the way of thinking, identify, supporting people to understand well. From there, apply it in practice to create positive changes for economic and social life developments.