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Where users can get knowledge from Expert's articles. In particular, users can increase their income by reading these news.
This is an interface that collects in-depth articles from leading experts.
Articles on a variety of topics in the field of cryptocurrencies. In particular, only articles that are really quality and provide useful information will be moderated. Bitcityz team always strictly scan each article to bring the best quality content to readers.
When providing quality articles, experts will increase their credibility and awareness as well as have the opportunity to receive donations from fans.

Read-to-earn feature

One of the outstanding features to keep readers engaged with the News function is Read-to-earn. Our team decided to launch a Read-to-earn feature which help users earn token BCTZ as well as keep the website traffic stable.
At the end of each article there will be a small quiz to verify the user had read through the article.
For each complete read of the article, user will receive a small portion of BCTY token.